Celebrate online regardless of the place

SendGift is the leading platform to make group online celebrations. It facilitates the whole process that previously became a headache when you were involved in it.

How many times have you signed a postcard, a photo or a dedication book for a special celebration of someone you love? Whether it’s for a birthday, for a wedding, for a farewell or even to send a message of encouragement to get well soon if you’re going through a bad time.

SendGift digitizes and speeds up the entire logistics process of collecting messages and allows different people to participate online and from anywhere in the world in a nice gift that whoever receives it will probably keep it as a memory for the rest of their lives.

Creating a group card is really simple, you just need to choose the design you like the most and customize it to your liking before sending it to other people so they can collaborate by adding their messages. They will also have the possibility of doing it together with videos and photos that remind the recipient of a special moment. Once everyone has added the messages to the group card, you can schedule the delivery so that the recipient receives it just at the time you prefer.

The delivery of the group card can be done through Whatsapp, email, SMS, social networks or as you prefer, and the content will be accessible from any electronic device, although if the recipient prefers, they can download the gift and print it to save it in the correct format. physical where you prefer.

A digital revolution that has just begun

With more than 10,000 group cards sent, SendGift is positioned as the leading platform in its sector and aspires to revolutionize the way in which any online event is currently held.

Solutions of this type facilitate interaction between people who at a given moment are in different parts of the planet. Once again, the great potential that technology has to improve society is reflected, and that is why we must be able to know how to use it correctly.

Due to this, one of the projects that SendGift pursues is to have a great social impact in any part of the planet, bringing friends, family and acquaintances closer to interact in a group card to make a special detail to whom everyone loves.

A great acceptance in the companyies

It may seem that creating a group card is a matter only for individuals who want to congratulate someone they know on their birthday, but the truth is that companies have become the main users of the platform.

There are several occasions at work in which colleagues make a gift of this type to someone who is retiring, who is starting a new professional challenge, to someone who has received an award or who has been promoted, or even for more personal situations as congratulations to colleagues who have had a baby or who are getting married soon.

There are many occasions in which to create a group and digital card in companies, and that can also help us boost the morale of our employees.