Can THC Vape Pen Help To Numb Pain?

Marijuana (or cannabis) has been used for pain relief by humans since at least 5,000 years ago. In ancient times cannabis was used as a pain relief tool. In the early 1900s, it was even available at pharmaceutical stores in the United States. We have much more knowledge of the effects of modern cannabis than we did hundreds of years ago. THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) is the most common cannabinoid associated with cannabis. It is also responsible for its pain-relieving and mind-altering properties. Cannabis strains with a hemp-like appearance produce very little or no THC. CBD (cannabidiol) is a non-intoxicating component of low-THC cannabis varieties.

This guide will cover several methods of using cannabis to treat pain. We’ll also discuss how to take marijuana, what forms to take it in, and which strains are best for treating pain.

Pain Relief Through THC Vaping Pen

THC pen are not only an easy way of vaping but also have several benefits. Vaping has a comparatively better taste than smoking. A quality vaping pen comes with automatic advance features which produce heat according to the temperature. THC inhibits inflammation in the same way that NSAIDs do. While vaping THC might be able to combat inflammation in humans, more human trials are needed.Patient surveys indicate that many people find THC beneficial in treating chronic pain (in this case, fibromyalgia or all-over pain).  Studies, however, have found conflicting results. Some studies indicate that it does (with pain around the joint where the jaw meets the skull).

Several studies show that THC does not reduce pain intensity, while others show that it does. Regarding cannabis’ ability to reduce pain sensation, some conflicting results: Some research suggests cannabis does not relieve pain.

These differences may be a result of several factors. There are many different types of pain because every person’s brain reacts differently to pain. Studies show that even if THC doesn’t reduce pain intensity, it can improve quality of life and daily functioning.

Cannabis may thus be more effective at relieving pain than eradicating it (since it reduces its bothersomeness). Researchers have even used the term “Restored Self” to describe the experience of regaining control over one’s life while using cannabis.

The amount of THC needed to relieve pain depends on many factors, such as:

  • Chemical composition of your body
  • genetics
  • lifestyle
  • THC consumption timing
  • How often do you consume cannabis (how much you can tolerate it)
  • Preferred method of consumption

What is the right amount of THC to inhale for pain relief?

Vaporizer cartridges and flowers are examples of products that are inhaled. These are best suited to a 1:1 ratio of THC to CBD (balanced cannabinoid profile).

You can begin by choosing products containing a higher CBD concentration than THC. If you take this step, you will be protected from the harmful effects of too much THC.

  • Take your next puff at least 15 minutes after the previous one.
  • Smoke or vapor from cannabis can be felt almost immediately after inhalation.
  • Many people smoke or vape cannabis for pain because of this immediate relief.

In the end, you cannot undo the effects of too much THC (from, for example, high-THC flowers) if you take more puffs of a low-THC product.

As time passes, the effects will fade.

Compared with high-THC products, low-THC products are more flexible. In high-THC products, you only have one gear.

No matter what kind of terrain you ride on, you still only have one choice. Compared to high-THC products, low-THC products offer you several gears to choose from, letting you adapt quickly to the situation.

Should You Buy THC Vape Pen for pain?

To get the best pain-relieving effects, cannabis must be bought on a regulated market because of its chemical makeup (and balance of THC: CBD).

As a result, you know what you’re buying (lab tests and accurate labeling are needed by law).

You should still complete laboratory testing even if you only use CBD products to stay safe from toxins like heavy metals and pesticides.

Aside from protecting your health, organically grown cannabis products also remove toxins from the environment and store them in their tissues.

Cannabis products are available in state-regulated markets in such an overwhelming variety that it can be challenging to find what you’re looking for.

Additionally, many cannabis retail salespeople lack any medical training and may not be equipped (or permitted) to offer you wholesome advice.

When using cannabis for pain, you will have the best success if you educate yourself before you enter the dispensary.

THC vape pens have many features and benefits. It is easy to control dose and  has the strongest cannabis which eases nerve pain. Most people believe that it is convenient to use and has quick absorption with faster effects.

Though, THC and CBD can  work together because CBD is anti-inflammatory, while THC has properties that aid in coping with pain. It has only been speculated at this point, but the two likely need to be combined.


There are some risks and effects associated with using cannabis for pain relief. It’s essential to start with low doses of THC and take regular breaks to minimize the risks.

To find the right combination of relief, you may have to experiment with the right products and dosing regimen. There may be some people who cannot use cannabis. To determine whether CBD or THC (or both) can relieve some pain, talk to your doctor before trying a THC pen.