Benefits of using technology in the classroom 

In the twenty-first century, we are living in, our world has evolved from the conventional learning methods and has become advanced and modern in all aspects. With development and advancements in science and technology, all professional sectors have modernized and education is no other exception.

 With technology, educational methods have changed vastly. The classrooms are getting digital, leaving behind the limited study material, e-books and online learning sites have been used by educators and learners all across the globe. Let us discuss the benefits of using technology in the classes. 

5 benefits of using technology in the classroom 

1. Helps to prepare for the future

We know how our world has evolved from conventional working methods to modern ones. Now all the work and profession are being carried out via digital methods. And in the coming years, the technical demands and work will keep on increasing. Technical skills are something that can not be learned overnight. 

When students learn with the help of technology, they get to know a lot about digital use in work. This enhances their technical knowledge, understanding, and skills from a young age itself. With good technical knowledge via education, students prepare themselves for their future and professional development. 

2. To make classes engaging 

Every teacher aims to have an engaging class where students are actively involved, speak up and participate well in the classroom activities. But sometimes via conventional methods of teaching, this becomes difficult to achieve. Only teaching from the textbooks and guides becomes boring for students and doesn’t engage them well.

But we all know how much students enjoy technology. Teaching with the help of technical resources makes the class interesting. And with good interest, students tend to participate and engage in the classes more. With the help of audiovisual aids, their understanding is also boosted. 

3. Improved academic scores

We all know that to score well in academics, understanding and comprehension play an important role. When textbooks and guides become insufficient to understand well, technology comes as a savior for learners. With the help of visualization, the brain captures the information faster and better.

 Also remembering it for longer becomes possible this way. By using technical learning resources like PowerPoint presentations, modules, visual notes, educational videos, and online learning apps, students can understand better and also enhance their long-term memory skills. 

4. The facility of online teaching

Not every student is privileged to attend the schools and colleges because of the areas they live in. Also when students begin their jobs and career, learning by doing to the educational institutions become challenging for them. Leaving behind all these educational barriers, technology led to the development of online teaching platforms. Now by using networking devices and the internet, teachers can teach online and impart quality education to the students. With this technology facility, better convenience, flexibility, cost-effectiveness, comfort is being provided to the learners. 

5. Make assessment interesting

For ages, students have been given written lengthy tests as a form of assessment. By giving these lengthy handwritten tests, students feel bored and less interested in their assignments. But with the help of using technology in the classroom, this problem is resolved too. Now teachers have several resources that can be used to assess students in interesting ways.

 For example, you can create a quiz, with an online teaching app and can ask students to attempt it as a test. Along with this, there are more ideas. You can ask your students to submit a PowerPoint presentation, make a video on a given topic, or can take their assessment by using online quizzes, puzzles, and riddles. 

Technical resources to use in the classroom 

In a classroom, several audiovisual aids can be used by the teachers to make the classes interesting, innovative, and engaging for the students. Some of the tools that be used are 

  • Educational videos 
  • Modules 
  • Powerpoint presentation. 
  • Flashcards and picture cards 
  • Graphs and animations 
  • Short movies and educational clips via YouTube. 
  • Online quizzes, puzzles, and riddles. 
  • Visual notes 

All these are the technical resources that a teacher can use to teach effectively. This will make your classroom advanced, modern, and impart and receive the latest and up-to-date education. 


With the advancements in science and technology, educational ways have become advanced and modern. Technology has changed the structure of classrooms, learning, and teaching to a great extent positively. The above mentioned are the benefits of using technology in the classroom. More engagement, interesting assessment, future preparation, better understanding, enhanced academic scores are some of its benefits in teaching and learning.