Are you dealing with a rear-end car collision case in Las Vegas?

Rear-end collisions are among the most frequent car collisions in Nevada state. According to an NHTSA report, they account for nearly 30 percent of all traffic accidents in America.

In a fault-based motor vehicle accident jurisdiction like Nevada state, there is a common question among those involved in such accidents. It is ‘when you get rear ended who is at fault?’ There are no easy answers to this question.

This article takes you through the issues around rear-end collisions and the challenge of establishing fault in those cases.

Let us start!

Rear-end collision and fault in Nevada

Under Nevada’s comparative negligence law, the liability of the motorists is in direct proportion to their level of fault in an accident. This makes it a legal battle in establishing and quantifying fault in such cases.

In rear-end collision cases, the general presumption is that the rear driver is the one at fault in the collision. In most cases, the front vehicle is not even moving when it gets hit at the rear end.

Common causes of fault for rear-end drivers are

  • Distracted driving
  • Over speeding
  • Trailing too close

However, sometimes the lead driver is at fault for a rear-end collision.

Some instances are

  • Aggressive driving
  • Broken brake lights
  • Incorrect reversing
  • Erratic lane change
  • Sudden and unnecessary braking

Hence, establishing fault in a rear-end collision, whether you are a lead or a rear driver becomes important.

How can an accident law firm help you?

An accident law firm specializes in dealing with accident cases. They can provide sound legal advice in rear-end collision cases under the comparative negligence statute.

Here is what a professional law firm can do for you

  1. The accident attorneys have rich experience in dealing with all types of collisions. They give practical advice in the case.
  2. Vast knowledge in the nitty-gritty of Nevada state law and corporate law.
  3. Undertake a comprehensive investigation of the crash.
  4. Gather relevant evidence meticulously to prove fault in the case.
  5. Help in drafting witness testimony to strengthen your case.
  6. Accurate reconstruction of the scene of the accident with expert aid.
  7. Negotiate a fair insurance settlement using their legal acumen.

Thus, auto accident attorneys provide expert help in complex cases like rear-end collisions.

Concluding thoughts

Establishing fault in rear-end collisions can be easier with professional legal aid in Las Vegas. Choose an experienced attorney with a proven track record for a favorable outcome.

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