8 Effective Outdoor Advertising Types

Giant poster billboards displayed at popular locations. These giant posters offer a very accessible form of advertising ทำป้าย . About 71% of consumers admit to viewing messages on roadside billboards. This shows that creating billboards can benefit more sales. There are more than one type of billboards.

Type of billboard:

1. Static or static advertising media

This outdoor billboard targets people in vehicles. For the waiting time during traffic jams You will experience the style of outdoor advertising. About 68% of consumers make purchases while in the car. This kind of marketing doesn’t offer strangling or hard sales. but will be more consumer-friendly

Mobile Media :

Another form of advertising that can be seen on vehicles. The billboards will be installed on the vehicles. which is gaining popularity can be designed to be fun as well as being worthwhile Can attract the eyes of those who are driving. With the appearance of a car that is unique and unique The purpose of a mobile billboard is to grab your attention. at a time you didn’t expect which mobile media can be targeted The vehicles are driven around different areas or around the targeted people.

Digital :

The most popular digital billboard is in New York City – Times Square. Digital billboards display hundreds of different ads. It is one of the most useful outdoor advertising formats.

Interactive billboards:

Today’s content that creates interaction with outdoor advertising media. can make the brand a leader in the market By letting consumers interact with billboard ads, they’ll appreciate the brand’s efforts even more. In addition to seeing billboards The ability to engage is just as important.

Augmented Reality: The era of technology has made brands open to creativity. For example, Gap’s application DressingRoom is designed to allow customers to try on clothes before they actually buy it. Pepsi also has a reality ad. They installed billboards at the bus shelters in London to look like fake and transparent glass. which it can surprise passersby. that the viewer has to push some people to dodge the sign which at the last minute This “fake window” will have a flying saucer. Octopus robots and more emerge. This OOH ad is for Pepsi Max campaign.

2. Light pole media :

Light pole banners are often noticed by street lights at night. This banner style forces people to pay attention to the banner at night. Light pole banners are usually placed on the street or car park. This outdoor advertising banner is difficult to avoid the eyes of the billboard.

3. Media around the bridge :

Media designed to appeal to a target audience of commuters during rush hour. These banners are mounted on small bridges on highways. Outdoor advertising like this is not often seen unless you drive a lot. If you want to use this technique You have to pay attention to the location and the surrounding area. In addition, not all highway roads have bridges. Therefore, choose outdoor advertising media that can be used often.

4. Guerilla Advertising :

A marketing ploy that is intended to surprise or shock. which the use of this technique You just bring what you have and show it to the public. in real environment but if you need to be careful because it may make it appear to destroy public property. This form of outdoor advertising is cost-effective and emphasizes the creativity of marketers. and driven by innovation If you want to market with guerrilla marketing. This is another fun way to advertise. But it may not be for everyone as it is a highly creative way of content marketing.

5. Media displayed at the point of sale :

Products that will convince buyers to want to buy immediately. This can be seen from the products located at the cashier counter. That’s what’s known as effectively making a last-minute purchase before leaving the store. And this is one of the easiest ways to advertise the least marketed products. Just ask for permission from the store to place the product around the cash register. Point of sale displays are limited to physical products only. It can’t be too much or too big a product. It has to be simple and attractive enough to motivate shoppers to buy. It’s a sensitive way of doing product marketing content.

6. Advertising in public transport:

Passengers, tourists and people living in the city often use public transport. In the duration of the journey, everyone is at risk of the contents of the vehicle. Whether it’s a bus or a train, this is a popular outdoor advertisement that is often seen on trains. About 24% of consumers say they have visited a particular brand. After seeing the brand through outdoor advertising media Moreover, passengers travel to many different locations, thereby enabling consumers to shop. Easier on the way home Consumers are about 38% more likely to stop at a store. during the journey home

7. Retail Advertising :

To keep shoppers shopping – more advertising is needed. There is no better place than a department store to advertise a particular product. because consumers have the idea to buy the product already So take advantage of shopping center atmosphere full of marketing materials for products If you want to market clothes home materials or other forms of consumer products (Products that people buy often) Retail advertising is for you. Advertising media in department stores such as storefront posters storefront decoration, etc.

8. Stunt Advertising :

Media that uses outdoor advertising through engagement efforts and related to real people To create a sense of humor, for example, from Belgian cable and broadband operator Telenet, in the middle of a quiet street they put a button and an arrow that says “Push to Add Drama” when someone presses it. The situation from the quiet city was transformed into a whole hectic scene: the medical team, the football players, the detectives, the police, the brawls, the boxing made people see the drama every day.