5 Ways to Make Your Wedding Stickers Stand Out

Finding wedding stickers that are both affordable and high quality can seem impossible, especially if you’re looking to contribute towards making your wedding stickers rather than using generic ones from the dollar store. However, with these ways to make your wedding stickers stand out, you can ensure that your custom stickers look as unique and appealing as possible without breaking the bank in the process.

1. Pick a Unique Shape

You can choose all sorts of cute little shapes for your stickers. Rectangles and circles are popular. But there’s no reason your stickers can’t be squares or hearts or ovals! Feel free to experiment with different shapes until you find one that catches on. You might even want to try a form that matches your wedding theme.

For example, why not make your stickers in fish-shaped frames if you have a beach wedding? The possibilities are endless! Also, remember there are different ways to use wedding stickers which may influence the shape of your stickers. Also, don’t forget about color! Even if you pick a traditional rectangle shape, consider making it green, red, or blue instead of white. Or what about black? Have fun mixing your color scheme so it doesn’t get boring.

However, it’s advisable to be realistic with your size. If you pick something too large, people may not use them because they don’t fit their needs. Else, if it’s too small, people may lose them. It’s best to keep things simple: perhaps stick with two shapes—one for your invites and another for your thank-you cards—and then let those stand out through color or texture rather than size.

2. Add Metallic Foil Accents

Accents can add depth and dimension to any design. Metallic foils are perfect for weddings, as they create an eye-catching contrast on classic white envelopes. There are lots of different metallic shades available. Choose one that matches your invitation or is a complementing color of your wedding palette. You can also choose a neutral shade, like silver or gold, if you don’t want your design to be too colorful. A simple accent can transform ordinary stickers into something special.

3. Use Different Sticker Sizes and Fonts

One of our favorite ways to make your wedding stickers stand out is with sticker sizes. For larger-sized stickers, try using a slimmer typeface or even all caps. And if you’re using multiple sticker types (gifts, favors, table numbers, etc.), make sure each has its look and feel. You can even use a different font for each! Some weddings are more formal and classic in style, so consider sticking to black text on white stickers—or go bold and choose bright colors like red or orange.

4. Create Custom Stickers

Customize your stickers however you like; use photos of both bride and groom, and include a short phrase or caption—whatever fits best with your event’s style. If you’re having a destination wedding, consider creating custom luggage tags for guests so they can quickly identify their belongings at baggage claim.

For example, if your wedding is in Jamaica, create luggage tags that say Welcome to Paradise! If it’s in Hawaii, create luggage tags that say Aloha! Welcome to Paradise! Then have them printed on clear plastic for effortless reading through suitcases. There’s no limit to what you can do with custom stickers. However, it’s crucial to keep it simple and memorable.

5. Pick an Eye-Catching Design Pattern

You can’t always do much about your wedding day location, but you can ensure that your bridal shower invites and wedding day stickers are hard to miss. If you go with a patterned design, choose one that complements your stationery rather than competing with it—you want your guests’ eyes to pay attention to where they need them: on your invites.

Also, whatever patterns you choose, keep them simple. When using stickers on wedding favors or other items, use a small number of patterns. Too much will look overbearing. Also, avoid busy or intricate designs if you’re planning to stick your stickers on gifts or other items, as these can sometimes get lost in translation when shrunk down in size.


While stickers are a great way to get your wedding logo out there, it’s crucial to ensure they stand out? Using stickers on your favorite gifts will help spread awareness of you and your business while giving attendees something fun to do with their time. Stickers can be an extremely effective marketing tool for weddings if you do it correctly. If not, it will be a waste of time and resources! It’s, therefore, crucial to contact an expert in designing wedding stickers to help your stickers stand out from others. You’ll want to make sure that whatever design you choose fits well with your overall theme, as well as makes sense for what kind of sticker it is

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