5 Essential WordPress Plugins All Websites Must Have

Users consistently praise WordPress for its speed, simplicity, and ease of use. As a blogging platform, WordPress has always needed to provide its users with a variety of ways to interact with the software. As it has a simple setup process, a user-friendly interface, and a steady stream of updates in the form of themes and plugins, it is the greatest platform for content creators who want to focus on writing instead of the technical aspects of their project. These advantages make it the best option available.

1. WP Sticky

WP Sticky is a plugin for WordPress that allows users to easily create sticky elements without needing to type any code at all. If you are not very tech competent or if you just want to speed it up, this plugin might be useful for you. You can create a sticky bar, sticky header, and a special offer, among other things, with the help of this technology. As an added bonus, it is also very simple to use, even for a novice. WP Sticky’s compatibility with every theme, visual composer, and plugin eliminates any worries about the site breaking. The developers enable immediate access to a customer assistance team if a problem develops. You may learn more about the demo and full versions on the creators’ website.

2. WP Maintenance

It is strongly recommended that you install the WP Maintenance plugin right away if you are just getting started in the field of website building.

This plugin will keep your website operational even if you need to perform maintenance on it while it is live, so you won’t lose any visitors in the process. Using this plugin, you can quickly and easily create a “under maintenance” page that is both interesting and functional. Customers can check that page for the latest information on the development of the website as well as an estimated release date.

3. WP Rest

There is a free version of the WP Reset plugin, in addition to a paid professional version. This plug-in is particularly loathed by web administrators because it is responsible for resetting the website whenever it is activated. In a typical situation, this would not be required; nonetheless, almost every page, at least once in a person’s lifetime, requires a total reset and re-start from the very beginning. When you upgrade to the PRO tier, the options that are available to you have been expanded to some degree, and some of the features that are already available have had some improvements made to them. You’ll have access to more than 25 different cleaning tools, a white label option, automatic snapshots, centralized management of all of your sites, collections, snapshots, and licenses, and you’ll be able to go back in time with just the click of a button when you use this plugin. Other key features include the ability to create collections of your favorite plugins and themes; create collections of your favorite plugins and themes; go back in time with just the click of a button; create collections of your favorite plugin This plugin also serves as a license manager for your site. In a number of contexts, it is possible to implement it both as a tool for rebranding and as a script for emergency data recovery.

4. WP Force SSL

The WP Force SSL plugin makes it simple to fix SSL issues and re-route non-secure HTTP connections to the safer HTTPS network. Select the “Force SSL” checkbox if you want to force SSL to be used. The whole website will be encrypted using an SSL certificate. Certificates issued by Let’s Encrypt can be used interchangeably with those acquired from commercial vendors. With more than 14 different SSL checks and a wide variety of configuration options, it guarantees a great experience for every user. The plugin comes equipped with a validation tool for the SSL certificate to verify its legitimacy, installation, and validity. There will be zero disruption in functionality for any of your plugins or themes that rely on WP Force SSL. There are both no-cost and paid variations available.

5. WooCommerce Order Export

Using the WooCommerce Order Export plugin, you are able to export data pertaining to both orders and products from WooCommerce. Using filters, you can narrow down your view of the data to just what’s relevant to you. In addition, there is a PRO edition that can be purchased, which comes with a variety of additional capabilities, such as the capacity to export all of the pertinent data at once, the capability to set up multiple exports automatically, the capability to rearrange columns, and more.

It’s 2022, and if you want the best-functioning WordPress site possible, you should try these plugins.

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