4 Reasons Why You Need Videos for Your Marketing Campaign in 2022

2021 is almost over. A few more months to go, and it’s already 2022. Once it comes, you will need new ideas to get your digital marketing campaign well ahead in the game. With an effective plan, you are sure to be ushering in the New Year with a bang.

But if you think every marketing strategy has already been exhausted, you need to think again. Sure, new approaches to gaining customers online are welcome. However, a digital marketing agency like Online Marketing Gurus, Digital Marketing agency claims that current methods are so effective that they will still be in the picture many years from now.

Among these strategies are videos. It’s been used to engage consumers for quite a while. But its magic is not ceasing. In fact, the Cisco Annual Report revealed that next year videos would generate 82% of online traffic – that’s 15 times the number it generated in 2017.

With this information, there is no excuse why you should abandon video marketing for newer tactics. If you’re not convinced, the following reasons will make you change your mind.

Videos no longer require complex technology and a high budget

With the way smartphones are sprouting every year and camera technology ever-improving, creating videos is getting easier and faster. You do not even have to spend anything when creating videos through your smartphone.

Thus, anyone can create video content that consumers are ready to watch and follow, from start-ups to mid-sized businesses and large companies. So, if you think you and your business don’t have what it takes to create great videos, remember that your smartphone can do the trick.

More video-making apps are coming out, which are welcomed by the general public

Ever since TikTok came out, the number of people creating videos and posting them on their social media pages has increased. And many businesses also leveraged the app, amassing a large following by creating unique TikTok videos.

Videos from apps like TikTok are considered authentic and connect more personally with viewers simply because consumers also use the same apps.

More consumers engage at a higher rate with live videos

There is no doubt about the effectiveness of videos as a digital marketing strategy. But when it comes to this type of content, live videos are up on the list.

Live video streaming has become greatly popular because it brings up-to-date information that is also highly interactive. It is one way to get the audience to communicate with your brand. You can also answer questions as they come. Plus, you can live-stream whatever content you want to share with your market.

Vlogs are one of the best ways to establish an authentic connection with viewers

Storytelling has leveled up in the form of vlogs. Many digital marketing agencies will agree that they are some of the most effective ways to engage customers and develop brand awareness and personality. No wonder more and more influencers are making vlogs today.

Videos are so powerful that many consumers have been influenced to buy a product or service simply by watching one video.

A good digital marketing agency like Online Marketing Gurus, Digital Marketing agency emphasises the need to make better videos: videos that spark a connection with your market. Of course, every marketing agency will tell you it is one of their priority strategies.

But only the best companies will tell you why and how to develop such videos, allowing you to draw in your 2022 market much more effectively. So, make sure you find an agency that can develop these kinds of videos. When you do, you will surely see your company grow and reach success.