4 Proven Ways to Mentally Stimulate Your Brussels Griffon Dog

Being a dog parent is an amazing privilege. This is how every responsible and well-meaning dog owner who wants the best for their canine companion should think.

This mindset will enable the dog owner, parent, or guardian to make the right decisions at all times. Speaking of making the right decisions, we have to make informed decisions instead of merely trusting our instincts.

This is because many dog owners that have trusted their instincts alone have made terrible decisions at various points. So, you need to know the odds attached to every decision.

It is in light of this that we have decided to discuss a very important subject concerning our beloved dogs. Here, we will shed light on some proven ways our canines can be mentally stimulated.

But before we get right to this, you should know that mental stimulation is important for all dogs. However, some breeds need it more than others.

This is because of the various peculiarities of these canine breeds. It is on this note that you should know the Brussels griffon is high up on the list of canines that need mental stimulation often. For more on this subject, you should read this article. However, we advise every canine owner to keep reading as the information shared here is relevant regardless of the canine breed you are raising.

The Benefits of Mentally Stimulating Your Brussels Griffon

You may have seen the Brussels griffon on TV or other amazing platforms and fallen in love with them. Well, you should know they are an amazing breed to have for several reasons.

With that being said, you should also know that some of their behavioral tendencies might make them seem like difficult canines. They can put up an uncooperative behavior during training for instance. Also, they are vulnerable to separation anxiety which can make them end up as destructive.

Exposing your Brussels griffon to activities that mentally stimulate them is one of the ways to overcome or even avoid most of these problems. This is why you need to be aware of proven ways to do this.

Tips on How to Mentally Stimulate Your Brussels Griffon

To avoid all the troubles associated with dogs that are not mentally stimulated and make your canine sane, here are some tips:

Make the Most of the Dog Walks

For the most part, regular dog walks are about physical exercise. It ensures that your canine companion has a good opportunity to release pent-up energy.

However, it could be more than just a physical activity as you use this avenue to allow your canine to become mentally stimulated. You should do this by allowing your dog to sniff around when you both are taking the regular walk.

It might seem like a mere sniffing activity to you but it is more for the canine. It stimulates your dog’s mind as picking up smells and discovering new things even in a familiar territory will be possible. For more information about this, you can visit: https://www.marthastewart.com/8071885/why-dogs-should-sniff

One of the things you will realize is that dogs allowed to do this will become more exhausted. This is a sign you should look out for which also means your canine companion is more stimulated physically.

But you need to be careful because of the physical makeup of the Brussels griffon. This is because their nose cannot deal with strenuous physical activity. So, you have to be on the lookout

Play the Smelling Game

We cannot overemphasize the importance of allowing your dog to sniff as stressed above. This tip is another way to help your dog make the most of their sniffing ability which stimulates them mentally.

You can hide their treats in various parts around their territory and make them search by sniffing. You would also need to teach them a command language to make them get into action.

Long after the game has been played, you would realize that such dogs are deliberate about picking up smells and become better at it. Aside from keeping them mentally stimulated, this can come in very handy for you.

Get the Right Toys

There are several toys that you can use to achieve this purpose. You should get especially those that are interactive and allow you to get involved. This is so that you can make the most of the time spent with your canine companion.

Getting those sorts of toys that your dog could play with alone is also important for times when you are not there. To add more spice to the whole thing, you can teach your dog the names of the toys.

Getting your canine companion to fetch the exact toy you called for is also a way they can be mentally stimulated. We strongly advise that every dog parent, especially those with breeds such as the Brussels griffon take this seriously. This is because of how much toys can help keep such dogs in the right mental state.

Helping with Chores

This is something that many dog owners do not do. Well, you should know that your dog can help with some chores. Allowing them to help is even a very good way to get them mentally stimulated.

You can teach and allow your canine companion to place items in certain places. However, we strongly advise you to be selective about the chores you allow your canine to perform. You should not allow your dog to move items that are hot for instance.

Wrap Up

Every dog breed needs to be exposed to activities that would keep them mentally stimulated. There are many benefits to this and so it has to be taken seriously.

However, some breeds need these activities more and the Brussels griffon is one of such because of its behavioral tendencies. You can see holistapet dogs breeds for more information about this.

We have shed light on some of the proven techniques to help you stimulate your dog mentally. We advise that every dog owner puts this information to good use.