4 Efficient Ways to Grow Web Traffic Organically

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, the country has over 2.5 million active businesses, including small, medium and large-sized enterprises. As one of Australia’s biggest cities, Sydney is home to 81,678 registered companies ranging from professional to scientific, construction and technical services. While most local businesses market using the traditional word-of-mouth, posters and banners approach, medium and large enterprises use TV and web advertisements to reach out to potential customers. However, with over 20 million internet subscribers and social media users thriving in Australia, online marketing through consultation with an SEM agency in Sydney have become crucial for business promotion and sales. Over 79.9% of Australians, including Sydneysiders, watch vlogs, play video games, listen to podcasts, and engage in social media for an average of 2 hours every day. 

Here are the ways that businesses can improve traffic into their website and social media accounts to gauge maximum potential customers.

Optimise the Company Website

Ensuring a well-designed and fully functional business website is a great place to begin to ensure more online traffic. The companies must conduct website wellness checks to ensure they have proper titles, logos, images, meta descriptions, keywords, interactive commands and navigation across the page. Providing a sitemap for the browser’s reference can keep things organised and straightforward. It also helps them get better clicks and rank higher on the search engine results page (SERP), which over 80% of the search engine users rely on. They can achieve this optimisation with the help of a trusted SEM agency.

Unique Target Keyword on Each Page

Where do people first go to if they want to find a store for a product or service? They visit search engines like Google, Bing or Yahoo and type a keyword to indicate their requirement. Having a primary keyword and a set of sub-keywords can help the website stand out in the race to SEO or search engine optimisation and be visible to the customer. However, companies must note that having the same target keyword on each website page can be counterproductive. They could compete in the search engine and reflect poorly on the business and the risk of being flagged as duplicated content.

Track Analytics

As they consult with an SEM agency in Sydney, businesses have access to the entire site data they can leverage. They must study the pattern of the web traffic metrics and create a plan to optimise the in-flow accordingly. If a page has a higher bounce rate, they must check for design errors, factual errors, title-content mismatch, access issues, bugs, loading issues and unclear navigation. They must check for these indicators and take the appropriate step.

Quality Over Quantity

The current world that people live in is accustomed to instant gratification and a short attention span. Having too much information on the website can confuse and frustrate the customers, resulting in decreased traffic. Many sites are guilty of stuffing too many keywords hoping to gain as many search results as possible. However, irrelevant results can reflect against the business as being inauthentic by the customer and the search engines. What does increase organic online traffic is focused and creative content that meets the SEO criteria, leading to notable ranking improvements. One strategy to achieve it is following the expertise, authority and trustworthiness standards. When companies focus on providing relevant, authentic and reliable information to educate and help the audience instead of feeding the algorithm, they can see a spontaneous increase in traffic that will be steady over time.