4 Effective Tips to Clean Your Outdoor Blinds

Don’t you want your outdoor blinds to always look like newly purchased ones? You may be aware that the outdoor blinds have several advantages like they protect your privacy, make your patio usable and so on. Although, you can’t deny that they make your patio more beautiful and add aesthetic appeal to your home as well. A study shows that after the recent pandemic, 82% of the US surveyed homeowners are more likely to update their outdoor spaces.

However, the outdoor blinds act like the guard walls of your outdoor areas. They are more likely to get dirt and dust quickly. So, it is solely your responsibility to ensure proper cleaning of your patio blinds and maintain them to last longer.

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Well, the process of cleaning and maintaining them isn’t very critical to manage. You will get your outdoor blinds to look absolutely stunning on your patio all the time if you follow the below tips and act accordingly.

Apply Regular Mild Brush Cleaning

Applying regular mild brush cleaning is the easiest way to keep your outdoor blinds looking tidy all the time. You can clean both sides of outdoor blinds once a week. Always use a soft-bristled brush to clean them. Cleaning with harsh brushes can damage your outdoor blinds and make them wear out quickly.

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Avoid Using Harsh Chemicals

It is advised never to use harsh chemicals while washing your outdoor blinds. The washing elements like detergents or any other solvents consist of harsh chemicals. So, using such washing supplies can weaken the outdoor blinds’ fabrics and decrease their longevity. Additionally, the fabric’s color gets faded if you use harsh chemicals while washing them.

However, you may use a chemical-free cleanser to wash your patio blinds. And for removing stains or dirt, you may apply the cleanser to the affected parts only and not in the whole fabric.

Prevent From Getting Stains

Prevention is the best cure. Preventing your outdoor blinds from getting stains is far better than removing stains. However, getting stains or dirt isn’t unusual as the outdoor blinds protect from outside elements. So, whenever you notice stains or dirt, try to wash them immediately. This course of action will help to prevent permanent stains. double roller blinds combine two separate roller blinds into one compact system.

Clean the Side Tracks

Well, some of the outdoor blinds come with side tracks for easily adjusting them when needed. So, to smoothly adjust the outdoor blinds, the pathways of the channels are required to be free from the obstacles. However, it won’t happen automatically. Making the tracks free from obstructions require periodic thorough cleaning. The cleaning process isn’t critical. You just need to wipe out all the dirt and dust with a moist rag. Moreover, you aren’t required to clean them every day. It’s enough if you clean them once a month.


So, it seems that you’re now better prepared to clean your outdoor blinds and make your patio look better. Eventually, failing to act will prevent you from getting the best benefits out of your outdoor blinds! So, it is always important to take some standard measures for taking care of your outdoor blinds.

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