3 symbols that affect online slots games

Slot articles from imdbmoviehd.com will bring friends to know 3 symbols that affect online slots games. These symbols can be found in online slots games. to have a special symbol only Most of them will have every game. but will not be complete in some games And the details of the symbol will vary from game to game.

3 symbols that affect making money in online slots games

Bonus symbol 

Bonus symbols are used in most slots to trigger bonus games. But it differs from the scatter symbol mentioned above. The difference is that sometimes you have to get a specific number of these types of slot symbols that are rotated at certain positions on the reels before the bonus game is activated. Scatter symbols and bonus symbols often play the same role and only describe the properties of the same slot. (but not always)

The most common way to get bonus games for bonus symbol combinations is that you must have at least three slot machine symbols. In addition, they only need to spin on paylines that are activated on successive reels starting from reels. First, however, you can also find สล็อตเว็บตรง slot games that require bonus symbols to spin reel one and reel five at once. and sometimes in the same position There are cases where bonus symbols have to spin on every other reel, such as the first, third, and fifth reels. to trigger a bonus game feature round.

For a reel, some three-reel slots have a single bonus symbol to play. And you will be able to start the bonus game feature only when max coins are activated on the payline. And the symbols spin in too.

Wild symbol

There are currently several wild symbols. It can be very difficult to keep track of the behavior and behavior of these symbols! Wild works like a magic stick. Because it can be anything you want on the wheel. The most straightforward type of Wild symbol replaces all other standard slot symbols. And it helps to create winning combinations. However, the wild cannot substitute for bonus symbols such as the scatter.

You will find that some of the wild symbols are also multiplier symbols. Not only will these help you win winning combinations. But the payout is also enhanced by the multiplier value added to the wild symbol.

Some online slot machines now feature a random Wild symbol, a Soaring Wild symbol, or a Floating Wild symbol when the slots are rotated on every spin or after the reels are at rest. These symbols may be automatically attached to one or more reel positions.

A few slot machines often feature different and rare bonus game features for wild symbols. The unique wild is also an entirely randomly activated bonus game type. This will turn one or more reels into all Wilds when awarded.

Scatter symbol

The scatter symbol in the box provides a payout each time it is displayed. It is very popular with slot players, whether or not they are on the payline. You only need one or two to win. The scatter สล็อต slot icon is absolutely essential on a 5-reel slot machine to keep the player entertained.

Scatter symbols are quite different from other slot symbols. If you create the right number of these icons somewhere in the slot, they will provide you with a winning payment. You can also enable the bonus game function. Scatters are one of the most expensive symbols in video slots.

The beauty of the scatter symbol lies in the fact that it helps players create bonus games and scatter payouts. In addition, the scatter must appear somewhere on the reels in order for you to win.

You’ll find that the more you spin these symbols, the better. The distributed payouts will only get bigger and better. Players may benefit from more free spins or higher paying bonus game rounds with scatter symbols. Of course, you will need at least one scatter symbol to appear on each reel when the reels finally stop.

In slots, the multiplier symbol multiplies one or more payouts received on the paylines that appear. For example, a 3x slot multiplier will multiply your payout by three. If a multiplier icon appears on two winning paylines Both payouts will be multiplied. Slot games with multiplier symbols tend to be very attractive to players and give positive results when you see them.

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