3 Reasons To Use Visuals During Employee Onboarding

Employee onboarding is vital in integrating new hires into your company’s work environment. It is the process when the company culture is presented to the new team members. Also, this is the process where HR managers share the company mission, vision, and accepted work ethic with the new employees. 

To ease the onboarding process and give exclusive insights into the job, you can use visuals when designing the onboarding process. 

This article will shed light on the use of visuals during the onboarding process and the reasons why you should do so. 

What are visuals?

Before we discuss the most important reasons you should use visuals during the onboarding process, let’s first understand what visuals are. Visuals include photos, videos, graphs, infographics, etc. Visual communication refers to communication through the use of visuals. 

For the teams, working remotely, and managing their teams on andcards, a coworking space software, using visuals plays an even more significant role. Telling about the company and presenting the new employees to their teams will be even smoother with the use of visuals. 

Continue reading to learn the key reasons for using visuals during onboarding. 

Easy to remember the information

One of the key reasons to use visuals during the onboarding process is the opportunity to ease the comprehension of the given information. For example, you can use videos while presenting the company characteristics and the essence of work, or even the procedures for completing and handing in several tasks. 

Videos can ensure that the given information is memorable as visuals are worth thousands of words. You can create videos beforehand and attach those to the presentation during the onboarding process. Check this Splice app review and unlock the video editing opportunities for your employee onboarding process. 

Generate emotional connection 

Visuals also possess the power to create an emotional connection with the audience. You can include a photo in your onboarding presentation and ensure it will trigger emotions. The photo inspiration you get from putting together the onboarding process can transfer to your new team members and affect their perception of your company positively. 

Therefore, you need to include any type of visuals that would best present your company values and show a warm welcome to the new hires. 

Help grab attention

Another reason to use visuals during the onboarding process is to keep the new hires focused during the onboarding process. Using graphs and infographics will help your new team members stay connected during the presentation and involve them in discussions. 

The interactive onboarding process is the more your employees will be connected to your company. Therefore, you need to use visuals to grab attention, lead them through the materials and present them to the workflows. 

Wrapping up 

Visual communication is a powerful way to keep the new employees involved during the onboarding process. Mainly, grabbing attention and keeping them focused during sharing information is essential. You would like your new hires to get emotionally connected with your company, and visuals can help you achieve this goal. Visuals will also ensure stressless integration into the work environment.