10 Effective Tips to Create Amazing How-To Videos

Have you ever watched a how-to video and felt inspired, but there was something missing? Perhaps the music wasn’t ideal, they failed to test out various layouts, or the production quality wasn’t high enough to create a truly immersive experience. As a video creator, you should know how to engage your audience with both content and visuals. This article is here to help you with just that.

Ten Tips for Video Creator to Produce Stunning How-To Videos 

Whether you’re producing videos for YouTube or other video-sharing sites, following these 10 tips will help you create stunning how-to videos that people will love watching again and again.

1) Choose your medium

The first step to creating amazing how-to videos is to choose your medium. The most obvious choices are PowerPoint, Keynote, or Prezi presentations, but you could also use YouTube, Instagram Stories, or even Snapchat. Just be sure to adapt your content accordingly.

2) Keep it simple

Don’t try to fit everything into your video. Pick one or two takeaways that you want your viewers to get out of, and use that as a guideline while you shoot. This way, your how-to video will stay on track and won’t get too cluttered with information overload.

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Whatever method you choose, you want to pick one and stick with it. If your viewers can’t follow along with what you’re teaching them, they won’t watch another video from your channel again.

3) Build anticipation

One of the best ways to get people to watch your how-to video is to build anticipation. Make it clear that what they’re about to see will blow their mind by using words like incredible, staggering, and fantastic. They might seem melodramatic on paper, but in your voice, these are truly awe-inspiring adjectives. Also, use full names when referencing other brands to add weight and gravitas to your statement. This is what you’re trying to create!

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Building anticipation is a tried and true way of getting people to watch any video or read any post, but it takes a certain skill set to make it work with how-to videos. In the video content world, this is very important to remember because people are competing with thousands of others. So if you want to stand out, using your how-to video description as an opportunity to let people know what they’re about to see will blow their minds. Just make sure the description is short and sweet.

4) Know your viewer’s needs

If you’re looking to create how-to videos, one of your main concerns should be who you’re making them for. 

Are they short and snappy? Or detailed and comprehensive? 

Are they aimed at helping novices get started with something new, or are they designed to help experts brush up on their skills? 

Understanding who your viewers are and their wants from you as a video creator will help inform all aspects of your production.

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5) Tell a story

When creating how-to videos, it’s important to tell a story. Remember that you’re not only teaching people how to do something but also entertaining them and keeping their attention. 

People can lose interest quickly and look for other entertainment options. This is especially important for a video creator to consider when learning something they don’t care about. When we tell stories, we engage others with emotions and make them more likely to pay attention and absorb information.

6) Showcase solutions

How-to videos are great at conveying step-by-step processes, but they don’t always show off your company’s best features. Use them to showcase solutions, like how you can easily customize an email template. 

It doesn’t matter what kind of product or service you sell. Your prospects want to know if they can access their new purchase quickly and without a headache.

7) Use text overlays

You know what’s even better than words on a page? Words with amazing visuals to go along with them. That’s why you should add text overlays to your videos, so viewers can absorb information while keeping their eyes on your main content. 

And, of course, there are plenty of other ways you can visually enhance video content: integrating graphics and adding colorful titles and thumbnails will keep viewers interested in watching until you’re finished explaining all your points.

8) Use b-roll

If you’re trying to create an instructional video that covers more than one topic or feature, it’s best to use a b-roll. B-roll is filler material that can include relevant visuals, like charts and images; relevant audio, like voiceovers; or captions, like product names and logos. You can even mix these together if your video seems too long.

9) Use human interest stories

To make your how-to videos more engaging, add in some human interest stories. One of my favorite things to do when I start a new video is to ask viewers what they think will happen. For example, if I’m going to teach them a new hairstyle, I’ll open up with What do you think is going to happen? This way, viewers will have a sense of ownership over your video.

10) Don’t talk too much

It’s tempting to try and explain everything you know about a subject in one video, but keep in mind that most people aren’t going to watch all of it. If you have more than three things to teach someone about your topic, it’s better to spread them out over several different videos. This also gives people time to digest what they learned in previous videos before moving on.

Final Word

A good how-to video should always have a definite endpoint, whether it’s solving a problem, explaining a process, or telling viewers how to operate something. Don’t let your video get bogged down with extraneous information that leads nowhere. In other words, create a teaser trailer before launching into your content.

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