10 BEST Cryptocurrency to Mine in 2022

For some, investing in electronic digital money is something unusual and incomprehensible, for others, it is a profitable way of earning. While someone is thinking about where to invest money, others are actively investing and improving their material well-being. How is income provided on digital money?

Before spending money on the purchase of virtual coins, it is worth finding out what the degree of risk is with such investments, what it can lead to, and which cryptocurrency is more profitable to invest money in.

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Advantages of investing in cryptocurrency

When a conversation begins about the best ways to invest, cryptocurrencies are always first of all in mind. What are their advantages?

  • Actual technologies.

The formation of virtual digital money is based on blockchain technology, which is increasingly used in various areas of human activity. It is possible to use electronic money in almost every state. Accordingly, the opportunity to make a profit by mining cryptocurrencies or trading on the cryptocurrency exchange is possible anytime and anywhere.

  • Price increase. 

Leading cryptocurrencies tend to grow in value. It happens that the price drops sharply, but after a certain period of time, it rises many times. With a competent approach to investing funds, there is an opportunity to effortlessly make a profit by speculating on changes in quotations.

  • The perspective of the direction. 

New virtual monetary units are constantly emerging, capable of becoming an object of financial investment in the future. The prediction of an increase in price allows you to improve your own financial situation with little effort.

The most promising cryptocurrencies of 2022

Competent selection of cryptocurrency affects the success of the investment. Here it is necessary to define a truly profitable digital currency that cannot turn into a financial collapse.

Experts advise investing in promising and reliable cryptocurrencies:

1. Bitcoin

The course of this cryptocurrency is very unstable. At the very beginning of Bitcoin’s journey, $0.003 could buy 1,000 BTC. Further in 2013, 1 BTC cost almost 1250 dollars.

Bitcoin to dollar exchange rate in real-time (01/08/2022): 1 BTC=23405 USD

Giving a forecast for the future, we can say that it is unlikely that the Bitcoin rate will stabilize significantly. At the same time, the shortage of this currency will increase its value, making it very interesting for investors.

2. Ethereum

Currently, the price of ETH is around $1673 per unit. About 18 million Ethereum tokens are mined every year and 98 million have already been issued. The operation of ETH is based on the blockchain. Ether mining is carried out on the basis of a smart contract, which is a software protocol that ensures compliance with the conditions inside the blockchain.

3. Tether

Cryptocurrency USDT is an asset that functions on the basis of Bitcoin blockchain technology, using the Omni Layer protocol. This is an ordinary cryptocurrency with which you can perform typical actions – transfer, storage, calculations. A distinctive feature is that the volume of its circulation must correspond to the volume of US dollars in the Tether Limited account. Experts suggest that this is the most secure Bitcoin blockchain to date.

4. Ripple (XRP)

Ripple is an open-source decentralized payment system. All data on operations are displayed in system blocks. The exchange between users takes place with the help of a proxy, which is Ripple. Within the framework of the platform, it is also possible to exchange some cryptocurrencies for others. A distinctive feature of a digital coin is that it cannot be mined. The purchase of Ripple can be made both by bank transfer and with other digital money. 

5. Cardano

Cardano is not just a cryptocurrency, but a platform with the help of which in the future it will be possible to run financial programs used in everyday life by both ordinary users and companies, as well as government institutions. One of the main features of Cardano is that it is written in the purpose-built Haskell programming language. Thanks to the use of Ouroboros, the need for expensive and energy-efficient equipment disappears.


The TRON project is a decentralized blockchain-based protocol designed to create a global entertainment network with free content. The developers adhered to some values: users on the TRON platform can have the ability to own information, and the network will be completely decentralized. Those who invest in the cryptocurrency TRON will receive their share of the profit according to the rules. The main goal of the project was to create a free entertainment blockchain network.

7. Litecoin

With the help of the built-in protocol, a specialized peering system of interaction is created between all computers. The general emission algorithm has limited functions, i.e., generation occurs at a specified speed, and specified transaction amounts. The payment system is conditionally anonymous, and free transfer of funds is allowed. Exchange for fiat money takes place through exchanges and crypto exchanges.

8. Stellar

Many experts say that this cryptocurrency is an improved version of Ripple. Stellar is a decentralized platform that enables the exchange of assets. From the beginning, the system had an open protocol. Users who purchased large amounts, in accordance with the contract, undertake not to sell them for the next five years. This was done so that investors could not manipulate the rate of the digital currency.

9. Monero

Cryptocurrency Monero (XMR) is based on a protocol with the principle of entangling the blockchain using ring signatures. Stealth addresses are also one of the features of the currency. Two private keys and one public key are used for access. The first is necessary for viewing, and the second is for spending. That is, one of the keys is used to access information about received payments, and the second key is used to sign transfers.

10. Bitcoin Cash

According to supporters of the new coin, it absorbed the advantages of the traditional bitcoin and improved its shortcomings. The very principle of Bitcoin cache mining is the same as that of the traditional one – the SHA256 calculation algorithm.


Investing in cryptocurrency is a great way to make money. However, first, you should study the information, and statistics and choose a digital currency for mining and investing.