With the past year spent in lockdown, many have discovered new hobbies and passions to make this extended time spent at home worthwhile. One of the many activities that have made the pandemic more bearable is gardening. Appealing to people across all age groups, this is not just a therapeutic activity that helps pass the time. It promotes sustainability and has numerous other benefits for humans and the environment. Starting gardening by tree service San Bernardino is barely challenging. Thanks to the number of online resources, it is easy to set up a garden – be it a small micro garden or revamping an entire backyard. If you are apprehensive of buying supplies from a store, many gardening essentials can be purchased online, such as pots, watering cans etc. It is also possible to buy seeds online!

Choosing the right garden

There are a couple of different gardens, and not all are suitable for everyone. Gardens don’t necessarily require huge lawns, backyards or a greenhouse. They can be more modest such as a kitchen garden or a couple of pots on a tiny balcony. Before getting started, it is important to know which garden is the perfect fit. While there are many types, they can be summarised into the following:

  • Micro Gardens: are perfect for small spaces such as a balcony or kitchenette that is more practical for being self-sufficient and consuming organic produce.
  • Flower gardens: these gardens focus more on the aesthetics of a diverse, colourful and mesmerising spread of different flowers. They are slightly more demanding to care for. They can also be customised according to certain themes such as butterfly gardens, summer gardens etc.
  • Food gardens: these are macroscopic versions of a micro garden, i.e. small scale vegetable farming. khatrimaza

The necessities to set up a garden

Based on how complex the garden is, the tools vary. If it is a simple set up of a couple of pots in a balcony or window, the basics are:

  • Pots: available in many varieties and can be customised to match a certain theme.
  • Plant soil: again, based on what is being grown, it is important to buy the right type of soil that contains the required nutrients for lush plant growthVisit The Site: healthwebnews

For more complex or large scale gardens, here is what is needed:

  • Watering gear: with their ergonomic designs and large capacities, watering plants is made much easier and enjoyable
  • Shovels, rakes, pruners: these tools are needed for serious gardeners who know how to put them to use and may not be suitable for beginners
  • Gardening gloves: it is a smart choice to wear gloves while gardening, not only to keep hands clean but to protect them from thorns, scratches and insects.Visit The Site: f95zone

Choosing the right plants to grow

For a vegetable garden, one can just plant the seeds from the fruits or vegetables consumed. However, choosing what products can be grown in a certain climate and environment requires a lot of research and planning beforehand.

Choosing flowers may be slightly trickier as they are more sensitive to the weather, water availability, sunlight etc. Consulting the internet or a horticulturist could help with making the best decision for one’s garden.

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Seeds are commonly available at supermarkets, but it is also possible to buy seeds online.

What to keep in mind while setting up a garden

Maintaining a garden, however big or small, requires a lot of dedication and consistency. While there are always low maintenance plants, a garden needs much more attention than just the tiny cactus in the corner of your room. So before investing in a garden, ensure that you have the mental capacity, time, patience and passion for caring for all the plants you will be introducing into your home.

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